We are a collection of Surrey residents and organisations calling for Surrey County Council to remove our pension funds from investments in fossil fuels.

The council is using tax payer money to fund climate breakdown and the destruction of ecosystems that life on earth depends on. 

Despite several years of warnings, the incompetence of the fund managers and councillors responsible has led to Surrey residents losing money from their retirement funds - in fact, the council has overseen losses of over £50m in the 12 months to May 2020 - and a whopping £130m since Fossil Free Surrey began calling for divestment in May 2017.

As such. we make one simple demand of the council:

That Surrey County Council, and Surrey Pension Fund, commit to complete divestment from fossil fuel companies - no Surrey resident should have to be complicit in driving mass extinction 

Below is our open letter to the Surrey Pension Fund. If you would like to support this campaign please contact us. You can see some of the organisations already supporting us below. 




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