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Surrey Pension Act Now campaigns on the clear cut financial and moral reasons for Surrey Pension Fund to drop fossil fuel investments. The fund, and by extension Surrey residents, is tens of millions worse off than it would have been had the SPF committee adopted our advice on divested from fossil fuels in 2017. 

Below are some of our campaigns. If you'd like to get involved with SPAN's campaigning there are loads of things you can do, even if you know nothing about finance or pensions. 

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Surrey Pension Act Now and it's allies will be submitting a petition to the new Surrey Pension Fund committee at their inaugural meeting (June 2021).

Started by Divest Surrey, a partner we work closely with, the petition has collected around 800 signatures at the time of submission - no mean feat for a topic largely inaccessible to the wider public. 

Check out the petition, and see how you can get involved in ongoing divestment lobbying here

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SPAN Report

Pensions are, let's face it, not the most engaging of subjects. But this isn't about pensions, it's about councils across the UK making the correct choices - both financially and morally - for their constituents, instead of clinging to advice from 20+ years ago which isn't appropriate to financial markets today. 

To make the subject more digestible to the wider community, and to highlight exactly why the previous SPF committee made so many poor judgement calls, we have assessed their performance and published a report, which we've shared with the incoming committee to help them avoid the same mistakes. 

Check out SPAN's assessment of the previous SPF committee.

Shares we don't want: Who We Are


In March 2020, a coalition of organisations from across Surrey and the UK co-signed an open letter to the previous SPF committee, laying out the imperative need to divest the pension fund from fossil fuels to avoid the risk of parts of the fund becoming stranded assets.

The former SPF committee had no valid response to the arguments laid out in this letter, preferring instead to pass blame to the pension pool Border To Coast, who in turn referred the decision making on divestment back to SPF. A never-ending loop of zero accountability. 

Your group or organisation can join the campaign, or as in individual you can help us to lobby the new SPF committee to employ common sense in ditching assets that lose Surrey resident's money whilst driving climate and ecological collapse.

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