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Divestment News

Updates on campaigns to disinvest from the fossil fuel industry and the wider divestment movement


4th May, 2021

Blackrock and Meketa Find No Negative Impact From Fossil Fuel Divestment

Actually, the funds performed even better than had they been holding fossil fuel impacts, leading the two investment giants to independently conclude that fossil fuel divestment strengthens a portfolio. Whilst pension funds like Surrey Pension Fund continue to ignore the facts you'd be forgiven for thinking they don't actually know what they're doing. 

3rd May, 2021

methodist divest.jpg

Methodist Church divests from all fossil fuel assests

The Methodist Church has correctly acknowledged that no oil and gas company is aligned with the 2015 Paris Agreement. The church cites the corporate sectors 'slow pace of change', something which the Surrey Pension Fund refuses to recognise in blindly adhering to the failed policy of engagement.

6th April, 2021

share action ESG 297.jpg

Surrey Pension Fund consistently uses a 'strategy' of engagement to avoid genuine work on lowering the climate impact of their investments. Share Action shows that this so called strategy is actually nonsense, and demonstrates the total failure of engagement by showing the low uptake of ESG resolutions at the AGMs of the companies driving planetary destruction and ecological collapse. 

uni of michigan 297.jpg

2nd April, 2021

University Of Michigan Commits To Divestment

Whilst Surrey Pension Fund continue to cherry pick statements about divestment - largely from ministers paid by the fossil fuel sector - they are being left behind with failing shares as institutions around the globe jump ship, reflecting the dwindling profit in 

22nd Febuary, 2021

extinction rebellion dig up trinity coll

Trinity College Commits To Dumping Fossil Fuel Investments by End of 2021

Cambridge institution commits to selling all fossil fuel investments by end of December as part of its climate policy pledges. 

12th Febuary, 2021

carbon transition energy strategy s.jpg

Whatever it takes: A holistic approach to targeting net zero carbon emissions

Strategy framework for investors looking to protect their portfolio from the risks associated with the transition to a low carbon economy.  

Leaked report for world’s major fossil fuel financier says Earth is on unsustainable trajectory

11th January, 2021

JP Morgan report from Spring 2020 condemns US central bank's investment strategy and warns that planet is heading for irreversible climate collapse

1st October, 2020

people sunthing oil rig.jpg

As Share Prices Drop, Europe's Fossil Fuel Producers Realise The Shift To A Low Carbon Economy Is Inevitable 

Time to sell fossil fuel shares . The world's largest producers have left it too late, , and are haemorraging cash, to the tune of billions in some cases 


1st October, 2020

South Yorkshire Pension Fund 

commits to carbon neutrality


23rd September, 2020

As part of a C40 initiative 12 Mayors  commit to removing their cities' investments from fossil fuels as they recover from coronavirus. Green investments have outshone fossil fuels for 15 years, so it's the only smart move. 

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