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Learn more about your pension and how it's driving ecological collapse, or host a talk with one of our alliance

Education: What We Do


1. Fossil fuels are no longer a good investment. £50m  has been wiped off the Surrey pension fund in the last 12 months, solely as a result of falling fossil fuel share prices. 

2. As the world transitions to a low carbon economy fossil fuels risk becoming 'stranded assets' - effectively worth nothing due to the inability to burn oil and gas. This is inevitable. The vast majority of countries have legislated for a pathway to carbon neutrality.

3. 'Engagement' with fossil fuel companies is not a strategy. It's simply a delay tactic by incompetent councils because they don't understand their fiduciary duty to protect investors money. 

4. It is ludicrous for councils to think that tax payers should be funding their own demise, through the ecological destruction which drives pandemics, ecological collapse, flooding, and food insecurity. 

Education: Welcome


If you hold a Surrey Pension, you are probably unaware that you are invested in the fossil fuels, arms, and tobacco industries. You are also probably unaware that on top of being invested in morally dubious companies, the Surrey pension committee is losing money by refusing to remove these investments. 

The first step in countering this is to get informed. We have people with years of experience in the finance sector, who can explain why the previous SPF committee failed you, what the new committee can do to remedy these failures, and what they should be doing to be compliant with the law in protecting your investments, and ensuring a liveable planet for future generations. Our talks will explain:

- why fossil fuels are a risky investment 

- how the 'carbon bubble' could effect your retirement 

- how fossil fuels perform poorly compared to 'green' shares 

- what you and your organisation can do about SPF's failures 

Education: Who We Are
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