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Fossil Fuel News

29th May, 2021

shell court case.jpg

Netherlands Court Orders Royal Dutch Shell to cut carbon emissions

Friends Of The Earth win a landmark case with court in The Hague ordering climate criminals Shell to cut carbon emissions by 45% of 2019 levels by 2030, with the ruling confirming that Shell is in breach of the European convention on human rights. 

IMG_20210526_084009 (2).jpg

25th May, 2021

IEA Maps Out 'Hugely beneficial' Pathway To Net Zero By 2050

The International Energy Agency has mapped out a comprehensive route to 2050 net zero which can create 'millions of jobs' and keeps the IPCC's recommended limit of 1.5 degrees warming within our sights. 

As the steps toward carbon neutrality become ever clearer, and ever more necessary, will it become clear which countries are beholden to vested interests and intentionally slowing climate action...? 

Click the image on the left for the press release, or if you're a stat lover you can check out some of the data and graphs from the IEA's report here

6th May, 2021

shell logo.jpg

Shell failing to address climate crisis, investors should vote against their climate strategy, says chair of UK Local Authority Pension Fund Forum

Doug McMurdo slams Shell for not taking the lead on transitioning to a low carbon economy, and warning that their failure to address climate change will put them out of business as renewables continue to beat fossil fuels for price.

3rd March, 2021


Exxon Removes Nearly A Third Of It's Proved Reserves From Its Books - Essentially The Entire Tar Sands

Last week Exxon wiped a whopping 30% of its proved reserves off its books! This is big news for the divestment movement, given that proved reserves make up a large part of how oil companies are valued.

Fossil fuels have no future. 

22nd February, 2021

bp pay 900m for windfarms (1).jpg

BP pays £ 900 million for offshore wind farms – with a huge sting in the tail.

Amid celebrations of this announcement - which we welcome - BP conveniently forgot to mention that despite advertising themselves as a ‘green’ energy company, they plan to spend £41 billion on new oil exploration in the next decade, including projects in the Canadian ‘tar sands’, the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and the Amazon rainforest.

9th February, 2021

coal port newcastle small.png

ANZ to stop lending to Australia's biggest coal port over its exposure to fossil fuels

In 2020 the bank adopted policies which prohibited it from making any new deals or refinancing companies with considerable exposure to fossil fuels - highlighting how seriously they view the risk of asset stranding, and forcing the port to commit to an agreement based around carbon emission reductions. 

1st November, 2020

petrol pump graph.jpg

Exxon, by far the worst offender for climate misinformation over the last 30 years has seen $2.37bn wiped off it's value in 2020 alone. Time for a managed transition to protect workers jobs. 

4th September, 2020


Fossil fuel companies' $300bn back up plan to trash the planet being hit by War On Plastic. ✊

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