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Make your voice count

Despite 4 years of early warnings, the Surrey Pension Fund has experienced an entirely predictable loss of return on fossil fuel investments. This amounts to £130 million since 2017. 

Against all logic, the previous SPF committee refused to ditch these failing investments. 


Our councils should be putting residents' futures above all else - not supporting the companies that are driving pandemics, climate breakdown, and destruction of the ecosystems that support us.

We have a new Pension Fund Committee. We have hope they will act with the urgency needed from both a financial and ethical perspective. We'll be handing this petition in to them for their first meeting. Sign and send the message: there's no future in fossil fuels.

Petition And Lobbying: Welcome


One of our partners, Divest Surrey, has a petition calling on Surrey Pension Fund to fully divest from fossil fuels. 

The committee needs to understand the scale of aversion that we, as Surrey residents, have to being complicit in driving the climate crisis by supporting the very companies threatening the future of the planet. Not to mention the fiduciary duty the fund has to its members to protect their retirment funds!

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Petition And Lobbying: Who We Are


As well as signing the petition you can lobby the Surrey Pension Fund directly - make it difficult for the SPF committee to ignore your concerns.

You don't need any special skills or experience, and we've made a crib sheet so that anyone can pressure the council to divest.

Tips for Lobbying

Get all the up to date stats, info, and reasons that the SPF should divest from fossil fuels. 

Don't let them lose more tax payer money whilst simultaneously risking Surrey flooding and food insecurity

A Cleaner Surrey

Surrey County Council has committed to carbon neutrality by 2050. This is a huge failure of governance. By 2030 we will have hit 1.5 warming - the point at which climate science shows us we will pass irreversible climate tipping points. 

SCC is all words, no action. The first step they can & should take is to remove their investments from fossil fuels.

Strength In Numbers

Surrey pension Act Now is a broad lobbying alliance of groups, both Surrey based and national. 

Our campaigning has been supported by Friends Of The Earth, Campaign Against Climate Change, and local organisations such as Surrey Unison and CPRE Surrey.

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Petition And Lobbying: What We Do
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