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Coalition call on Surrey Pension Fund to Divest

In March 2020, a coalition of organisations from across Surrey and the UK co-signed an open letter to the Surrey Pension Fund (SPF) committee, laying out the imperative need to divest the pension fund from fossil fuels to avoid the risk of parts of the fund becoming stranded assets.

The former SPF committee had no valid response to the arguments laid out in this letter, preferring instead to pass blame to the pension pool Border To Coast, who in turn referred the decision making on divestment back to SPF. A never-ending loop of zero accountability.

Your group or organisation can join the campaign, or as in individual you can help us to lobby the new SPF committee to employ common sense in ditching assets that lose Surrey resident's money whilst driving climate and ecological collapse. Visit the Get Involved Section of our website for more information.

Our Open Letter to the Surrey Pension Fund


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