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Nearly 800 people demand Surrey Pension Fund divests from fossil fuels

Surrey Pension Act Now and our allies submitted a petition to the new Surrey Pension Fund committee at their inaugural meeting (June 2021).

Started by Divest Surrey, a partner we work closely with, the petition collected nearly 800 signatures - no mean feat for a topic largely inaccessible to the wider public.

Petition text:

Right now the Surrey Pension Fund has around £90 million invested directly in climate wrecking fossil fuels despite the efforts of our DivestSurrey campaign and many similar campaign groups across Surrey to persuade them to divest.

Thousands of people across the country are asking why local authority pension funds such as ours in Surrey deem it acceptable to fund companies like BP who have a committed £41 billion looking for new fossil fuel reserves over the next decade. It is absolutely senseless!

Help us persuade the Surrey Pension Fund to remove these investments by signing up to our campaign.


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