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SPAN join with seven other climate groups

Campaigners outside BCPP's AGM in Leeds
Campaigners outside BCPP's AGM in Leeds

Today we supported seven other climate groups at the Border to Coast Pensions Partnership (BCPP) 2022 conference.

Surrey Pension Fund is a member of BCPP, and attended the conference. So alongside fellow campaign groups, Cumbria Divest, Divest Bedfordshire, Divest Tyne & Wear, Fossil Free East Yorkshire, Fossil Free North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire Fossil Free and Warwickshire Climate Alliance, we're calling on Councillors in charge of local government pension funds to divest their oil & gas investments of over £1.3 billion.

BCPP is not acting fast enough to enable its pension fund partners to invest in companies that can help us deal with the climate emergency. Partner funds need to be able to transfer their oil and gas investments into solar and wind now.


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